About us


UAB “Vamėsa“ is a meat processing company founded in 2009, doing a wholesale and retail trade of fresh and frozen meat, carcass and its parts in Lithuania and abroad. The company started in small premises. At the end of 2016, the company opened a new and modern production complex in municipality of Kazlų Rūda. Today “Vamėsa” is one of the biggest suppliers of fresh and frozen meat, which supplies pork and its products to more than 300 clients all over Europe.

UAB “Vamėsa“ has a permission of State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania to export meat and its products; therefore, it can offer maximum productivity – more than 40 tonnes of pork are processed daily at the meat processing plant. High customer recognition and constantly increasing export production helped to consolidate the company not only in Lithuania, but also in EU market – meat and meat products are exported to Western Europe, England, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Estonia and other countries.


• Wide selection of meat and meat products

UAB “Vamėsa“ offers a wide selection of fresh, chilled, frozen and vacuum meat, carcass and meat products: pork rib, ham, carcass, loin, neck, mince, shoulders, tongue, spareribs, ears and other parts of pork. The meat is prepared according to the individual needs of the customers. The company executes private branding orders and has its own car park and a well-developed logistics system.

High quality

We have received a permission from the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania to export fresh meat and meat products to European Union countries. We work only with certified and verified carcass by the State Food and Veterinary Service and offer our customers the meat of highest quality. Taking into account the hygiene standards and the requirements of the meat industry, we have reconstructed all premises of the company in accordance with European Community standards.

• Professional team

We understand that the true strength of the company lies in the professionalism of its team. We have a competent, responsible, proactive and friendly team with whom we have achieved things we can be proud of today in a relatively short period of time. From the very beginning of our company, we have been focusing on quality of work and team development, which has helped to consolidate us in a competitive market and successfully grow with our partners.


Responsibility. We are responsible to our customer, so quality is the most important indicator of our work. We choose our suppliers and partners carefully, and constantly invest in employee training and work processes to ensure the highest quality of service. To meet your individual needs, we offer a wide range of products, prompt logistics and good prices.

Versatility. We adapt to the wishes of our customers and invest in modernization of equipment and modern technological solutions. We execute private brand orders, cut and pack meat according to your wishes, and have our own car park.

Reliability. Having started in 2009, we are proud to be a competitive company today. Over 300 clients trust us in all Europe. Great customer recognition has helped us to become one of the biggest suppliers of fresh and frozen meat not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.

Contact us:

  • +370 609 37834 | sales@vamesa.lt
  • Čečetų str. 7, Čečetai village, Kazlų Rūda, Marijampole district