Fresh meat

Our company started in 2009 and we have been investing in continuous growth and development for over a decade to offer you the quality you feel content with. Currently, we are one of the largest suppliers of pork, which have more than 300 clients in Lithuania and abroad. Our meat comes from Lithuanian farmers. We accept and work only with certified and tested carcass by the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as import meat from Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Estonia and Poland. We prepare pork according to the individual needs of the customers and deliver carcass quarters in boxes or on hooks.
We are constantly investing in our employee development and improvement of work processes. Taking into account the hygiene standards and the requirements of the meat industry, we have reconstructed all premises of the company in accordance with European Community standards, and at the end of 2016 we opened a new and modern production complex. Currently, more than 35 tons of pork are processed daily at our meat processing plant.


We understand that the customer is first looking for quality, so we offer only tested and reliable carcass. We co-operate with well-known meat suppliers from Lithuania and foreign countries and accept tested pork that meets the requirements of the State Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Lithuania.
We carefully evaluate the quality of meat from the first steps of meat preparation to the arrival on your table. The company has a strict quality control system and we never accept carcass that is too watery, sticky, pale or dark. We pay special attention to the preparation and delivery of meat - we work with special vehicles and guarantee that only the highest quality carcass will reach your home.


We understand that customer needs are different, so we strive to adapt to your needs! We work with major manufacturers and traders in Lithuania and other countries and have an advanced logistics system. Also, we accept private brand orders, deliver meat in Lithuania, and provide export services. We deliver the carcass quarters in boxes or on hooks. If needed, we cut meat according to your needs and offer a wide selection of pork products and sub-products.

Wide selection of fresh and chilled meat

Quality is the most important aspect of our work, and we are proud to offer you a wide assortment of meat products, exceptional attention to your needs, and excellent relation between the price and the quality.

We offer a wide selection of fresh meat: various parts of pork (ham and bacon with bones or boneless, lean and fatty pork, etc.), meat products and sub-products, pre-packed and chilled pork. Depending on your needs, meat can be packaged in a number of ways: vacuum packed (IVP - individual packaging), gas, pouches, cardboard boxes (5 and 10 kg), poly-blocks and naked-blocks. Fresh and chilled meat can also be delivered in special plastic boxes with a liner. All products or materials can be delivered by us.

Get the highest quality fresh meat at an affordable price!

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